Fees and Statutory Information


· Sole Agency: 2%

· Multiple Agency: 3%

Other Fees

· Energy Performance Certificate: £75.00

· If acting as joint auctioneer – 3%  plus catalogue fee of £350 + VAT



· Administration fee: £300.00 per property*       * please note, administration fees will no longer be charged after 1st June 2019

· Change of occupancy within existing tenancy: £100.00*   * discontinued after 1st June 2019



· Introduction only of tenant/s including preparation of agreement: 2 weeks rent (as specified on tenancy agreement)

· Lettings only: 10%

· Lettings and property management: 15%

Other fees

· Gas safety certificate: £75.00

· Electrical Safety Certificate: £150.00

· Energy Performance Certificate: £75.00

· Section 21 Notice: £50.00

· Section 8 Notice: £50.00

· HMRC Return for Non-resident Landlords (when required): £100.00

· Income and Expenditure report: £100.00

· Court appearance in relation to Section 8 or Section 21 Notice: £300.00

· Emergency works admin fee: £75.00

Credit Card fees

· Administration charges will be added as follows:

– Debit cards: Free

– Credit cards: 2.4%



On The House is a member of the scheme, membership no.: PRS002100
Property Redress Scheme, 1st Floor, Premiere House, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Herts., WD6 1JH



Deposits are registered with My Deposits,  1st Floor, Premiere House, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Herts., WD6 1JH



On The House is covered by an agreement with Client Money Protect, Membership no. CMP003140


Particulars of Ownership as required by Section 4 of the Business Names Act 1985


Address within Great Britain at which documents relating to the business may be effectively served:
The Company Secretary, On The House Investments Ltd, 21 Church Road, Crystal Palace, London, SE19 2TE


Landlords’ terms and conditions


1. On The House agree to let the property specified for the period agreed with the landlord/lady for a commission of 10% of rent achieved for the duration of the letting. Whilst every effort will be made to find suitable tenants, no guarantee can be given as to when a satisfactory letting will be achieved and no liability can be accepted for loss of income during any period when the property is vacant.

2. A letting will consist of finding tenants, preparing a tenancy agreement in accordance with relevant legislation, helping tenants fill in Local Housing Allowance or Universal Credit forms (where relevant) and asking them to secure all relevant utilities in their names.

3. For tenants entitled to Local Housing Allowance or Universal Credit, commission will be payable upon receipt of rent from them, the relevant local authority or the DWP on a four-weekly or monthly basis. For professional tenants, commission will either be deducted from the deposit and rent in advance (10% for the duration of the letting or annually, if it becomes a periodic tenancy) or deducted on a monthly basis from rent received from the tenants.

4. Should the tenants renew their tenancy, a renewal commission of 10% will be payable, even if On The House have not drawn up the renewal agreement, if a property is multi-occupied, commission will be payable on a pro-rata basis for any of the original tenants for the duration of their occupancy.

5. Should tenants vacate the property prior to the end of the agreement, On The House will seek to find appropriate replacement tenants, if after a month, no new tenants have been found, On The House will refund any commission paid in advance.

6. If the property is bought by tenants originally introduced to it by On the House, a commission of 2% of the purchase price will be payable upon legal completion.

7. It is understood that in the event of a dispute between the landlord/lady and tenants, relevant sections of the tenancy agreement should be used to determine the outcome. Deposits cannot be held either by the landlord/lady or agent, if obtained, they must be held in a Government-approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

8. It is the legal liability of each party to the letting to adhere to the tenancy agreement, under no circumstances can On The House be held responsible or liable in the event of either failing to comply in any way. The landlord/lady must ensure an up to date gas safety certificate is provided and updated whenever necessary, advise any relevant freeholder or mortgagee of the letting, obtain an energy performance certificate and comply with other relevant statutory regulations. On The House are authorised to sign the tenancy agreement on behalf of the landlord/lady on his/her behalf.

9. The landlord/lady indemnifies On The House for all costs relating to urgent or emergency repairs, they may, at their absolute discretion, need to carry out in the landlord/lady’s interests.

10. Should On The House consider there may be a breach of the landlord/lady’s obligations to the tenant they may, at their discretion, suspend the rent account until it has been remedied. If the property is within a licensing area, it is the landlord/ladies responsibility to obtain a licence and comply with all terms.

11. Should the landlord/lady decide to cancel this agreement, one month’s notice will be required in writing, this will not negate the terms of this agreement, nor any tenancy agreement signed on his/her behalf. Commission for letting the property will still be payable whilst tenants introduced by On the House remain at the property, either from rent collected each month or annually in advance.

In addition to all the terms relating to letting the property specified in 1-10, the following further conditions apply, in the event of the property being managed.



12. On The House agree to undertake the management of the property specified below for an additional commission of 5% of rent paid. Management of the property includes collection of rent and payment into an appropriate account for the landlord/lady, dealing with necessary maintenance, forwarding accounts to the owner, payment of service charges, ground rent and water rates (where necessary) on their behalf and dealing with any relevant issues that arise while managing the property.

13. If furniture is purchased on behalf of the landlord/lady, it is agreed, the cost can be recouped from rent received.

14. The landlord undertakes to allow us to expend whatever is deemed necessary to secure or maintain the property in habitable condition. The management service is only provided for the duration of the tenancy and is not available when the property is vacant, except by special written agreement.

15. As managing agents, we undertake to seek to find new tenants at the end of the tenancy, if the property is vacated. If however, it is untenanted, we will occasionally visit it, to ensure it remains in good order.

16   Notices served on the tenant/s by On The House on behalf of the landlord/lady are intended to comply with relevant legislation, but are at the landlord/lady’s risk.



On the House also lease properties, paying the landlord/lady a guaranteed rent, subject to negotiation. Leases run from 1 to 3 years. Minor items of maintenance are covered by On the House, however, the boiler, structural work, building insurance and any statutory work required are the responsibility of the landlord/lady.