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About On The House

On this site you can search for properties to buy, rent or invest in; more importantly, you can find out how to do these things quickly, efficiently and effectively.

For landlords we offer an unrivalled service throughout London and the South East. Our various schemes enable you to choose between letting to professional tenants, students, or to those in social need on benefits.

For investors, we can recommend locations inside and outside London providing excellent returns, which are popular with tenants. One of our main aims is to avoid the dreaded voids – periods when a property is empty. Even with no income, landlords are still liable for costs, such as mortgage, service charges and building insurance, they can also be liable for council tax. Far better for a property to be rented, than sitting idle.

We can arrange finance for landlords through Paragon Mortgages, who specialise in providing loans for investment buyers. We manage properties over a wide geographic area and are able to assist expatriates abroad who wish to invest in bricks and mortar in their chosen part of the UK. If you wish to buy at auction, we can guide you through the maze, provide details of anticipated yields, if necessary, evaluating and assessing properties before the auction begins.

First time buyers can receive useful tips and advice from us, to help them get their foot on the first rung of property ladder. Some agents have luxury offices, drinks cabinets and provide glossy property particulars. We think first time buyers and investors prefer cheaper property! We can give guidance on planning and development issues and have unrivalled experience in housing investment, portfolio development and local housing allowance. After more than 25 years in property, we’re still On The House!